Ingrown Nail Relief

Your doctor may recommend a permanent ingrown toenail procedure if you have recurrent ingrown toenails and at-home remedies are not solving your issue. Part of your toenail or the whole toenail may need to be removed depending on the severity.

The doctor will numb your toe with an injection. This may be uncomfortable. A snug elastic band will be applied to the toe. Once you are prepped, the doctor will clip out the ingrown toenail using special tools. A chemical will be applied to prevent the nail from growing back at the base of the nail. Then another chemical will be used to flush out the cauterizing chemical. A large bandage will be applied to protect the area.

It is important to soak the area in a small amount of Epsom salts and warm water after the procedure. This will be done twice per day for one week, then once per day for the second week. After the large bandage is removed, a normal Band-Aid and a triple antibiotic ointment will be applied until you follow up with your doctor.

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